Lockshion Projects (Pty) Ltd
Offers Architectural Construction
Sheetmetal Works And Ducting HVAC





Architectural &
Facelift Design,Municipality Submission Extensions,Renovations Office Space Planning, Kitchen Units, New Buildings, Commercials, Industrials,Residentials, General Maintenance,Painting, Water Proofing,Damp Proofing, Roofing & Etc 
Sheetmetal &
Design, Laser Cutting, Punching, Bending, Guillotine, Welding, Spotweld, Tig Weld, Assembly, Quality Custom Made Enclosures, Panels, DB Boards, Transformers, Generators, Furniture Equipments, Racking Systems,MCC Panels, Poultry Equipments & Etc
HVAC Ducting
Design, Manufacture, Install HVAC Ducting Components.Extraction Systems,Catering Equipments, Exhaust Systems, Dust Control Systems,Supply & Returns, Kitchen Canopies, Silencers, Grill Plenums, Square To Round Reducers, Spirals, Plenums & Etc


Lockshion Projects (Pty) Ltd was registererd in 2012.We have more than five years experience in the architectural, construction,sheetmetal works and HVAC ducting.We have a factory facilities with all punching,bending,welding,guillotine machines and etc.Our experienced personnels and team are more than ready to offer a quality service and products to our clients.We are based at 43 Bosworth Alrode.