+ Hi and can you help me with a house plan design?I need to add few extentions to my house.

+ How does your company charge for a house plan drawing?

+ Good day and I need an office floor plan design as I am selling office furniture.Can I email you a floor plan and hopefully you can help me with office space for my client who owns a call centre in Randaburg?

+ Hi,I need a house plan drawn for me soon.The house plan must have a main bedroom/ensuite, 3 x bedroom,dining,lounge,toilet/bathroom,kitchen and a single garage.How much is the house plan and when can I get it?

+ Can you help me with a house plan drawing?One of my client needs to extend his lounge.This house plan must submitted to the council.

+ Hi and I need a house plan drawings for my existing shop in Alexandra as I have to apply for the liquor license 2016/01/20.May you come for a site visit and what is required?

+ Hi and are you guys registered with SACAPSA for architects?How much can you charge for a contemporary house plan with a footprint of 1925 square metres?How quick can you draw the house plan and how much do I get for referral?Can you quote me for this house plan?How much is architectural design 3D artistic impressions cross sections and etc?Are you guys able to share with me one of two house plans you have done?I also need your company profile to the potential client?2016/03/08

+ Hi,I am from Lombardy East and I need a house plan drawn for me as I have to extend my house.

+ Hi I need a house plan drawn up for me but I have already build the house in Randburg.May you guys come to measure before you draw the house plan?

+ I need an extention of my kitchen building drawings for municipal house plan council approval.

+ If rooms are buid without a house plan.What is a purpose to get them approved?

+ I am from Vaal and I need a house plan with a double garage nine outside rooms for council approval.How much is th house plan design and council approval?How long it will take to draw the house building plan?The finish is IBR sheeting roof and plaster finish.

+ I need a building plan drawn for a double storey house opposite Mall Of The South.The architecture or draughtsman must submit the plan to the council for apparoval.The builder will work from the drawn house plan

+ I need a house plan for an extention of a house in Protea and house plan for a existing building.

+ I need a house plan drawn for an a double storey extention.I do have an existing house plan.The purpose of the house plan is for my shebeen and I a house plan for council approval.

+ I have already build a garage as house floor plan design without a drawn house plan and I live in Riverside Midrand.I need a house plan design for an extention.The house plan design must have a new extention on the existing bedrooms.This house plan design must be submitted for council approval.

+ What are you charging per sqm to draw a house plan?I live in Pretoria North and I need a house plan design.The house plan design will be for an existing home.I can’t find the copies of the house plan drawing at the city council.

+ Where are you based?Can you do a house plan design for Pretoria?How much will it cost to draw a house plan for additions drawn with a pencil?I hope the price for the house plan design won’t be to steep.

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