+ Hi need drawings for two office desk and a bedside pedestal drawn asap.Can you draw them for me as my client needs them tomorrow?

+ Good day and Heinz here.I need your draughting service.I need manufacturing or bending drawing of a DB Board with an inner door.Notes: DB Board fabrication 2mm 3CR12 for corrosion protection; Colour:B26 electrical structural orange;with a white inner chassis for all the breakers;IP 65 rating and the cable entry /exit bottom. I also need manufacturing or bending drawing of a two Floorstanding Board with two different sizes.Notes: Floorstanding Board doors secured with 3 way locking mechanism and hinges. fabrication 2mm 3CR12 for corrosion protection,front access,colour B26 electrical structural orange, with a white inner chassis, IP 65 rating and the cable entry /exit bottom with a raise gland plate. I am checking if you can make time to see me next week Monday 2016/02/22.

+ Good day and Peet here.I am based in Elsburg and I need training for CNC programming on Ncad32.I need to know how to draw the ZEW files and know how to create STW file for punching?I am using a 180 Trumpf machine to manufacture my transformers and substation?We are a mechaniacal and electrical engineering company.2016/03/08

+ I am Jerome.I would like to know if your company can help me with the design and draughting of 19” Server Racks,MCC Panel,Floorstanding Panels,Db Boards,Wall Mount Box and 19” Rack Trolley and Stands for some of my clients 2016/08/07.

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