+ Can you come to a Primary School in Pretoria cause I need a db board cover that is missing?I am not sure if I must give you the size of the db board cover or will come to measure the db board cover yourself? How soon will I receive the db board cover.

+ Can you come to Johannesburg cause I need to 2 x db board cover?This db board cover are for two different shops.We need more of these db board covers as we are busy with the electrical compliance certificate.

+ I am on my way to a school in Sebokeng.I need 3 x db board covers and I how much do you charge?

+ Do you manufacture db board covers for 20 way deep board?

+ Can you help me with 6 x DB board missing covers at Roodekoop?

+ I am from Hurlingham and I need my DB Board cover to be replaced.Can you come to my house?

+ Hi and please let me know if you can punch and bend two db board covers for me?Thanks Fausto

+ Good day and I am Mlungisi an electrical contractor. I need help with punching of 3 x db board inner covers for a school in Everton.May you please come on site to measure the size of these db board covers?2016/03/08

+ I need a db board cover for a shop at Bedfordview.I would like you to come and measure this db board for the cover but the shop open at 10:00am.

+ Good Day Please advise if these 00006-db cover or fascia are customer made according to size or send me the available dimensions my DB board covers Thank you

+ What are the dimensions product name: 00006-DB COVER OR FASCIA? I have an outside DB board that I need two new doors for.Thanks.

+ What are the dimensions of code: 00006-DB COVER OR FASCIA? I have an outside DB board that I need two new doors for.I will send you a picture.

+ Good morning I got three db board covers to be manufactured for my clients.When can you guys come a measure this db board covers?

+ We need a cover for a DB Board Current plate is 370mm wide x 385 high.

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