Kwikweb has grown tremendously in the last few years. Due to this growth, the training requirements of the system have dramatically increased as well.

To meet the growing training need, we have recently introduced a Lockshion Projects group training system for potential consultant and please contact us.

To help us grow this training group for the Kwikweb system.Please join as a consultant for R150 + vat every month and you will design a R2500 website for you.

Please take some time to complete the following survey to receive helpful resources going forward.

  Personal details:
  Consultant Name
  Consultant Surname
  Email address
  Cell number
  ID Number
  Physical Address
  Are you interested to Kwikweb?

The survey is divided into 7 main sections. The same 7 main sections that make up the Kwikwap Webdesign system. Each of these sections are covered by one question with numerous options. These options describe a main topic in Kwikwap that you may require training in.

Please select ALL the options that you are not 100% comfortable using and that you feel you need training in. You have to select at least option in each question.

  1) Select the Website Content Sections that you need training in:
  Landing Page
  Home Page
  Products & Services
  About Us
  Contact Us
  Kwikwap Image Editor
  Custom Menu Box
  Google Adsense
  Upload Images
  Rename Website Links
  2) Select the Additional Modules that you need training in:
  Events Calender
  Newsletter / Blog
  Photo Gallery
  Documents & Brochures
  Forms / Survey Manage
  Classified Ads Module
  Online Ordering
  Online Rental
  Member Only Area
  3 level products Groups
  3 level Additional Pages Groups
  3 level Alternate Pages Groups
  Specials & Promotions
  Data Sheet
  Directory Module
  Additional Pages
  Alternate Pages
  Links Page
  Video Listings
  Custom Module
  Kwikwap Custom Page
  Kwikwap Forum
  Kwikwap Hovering Sidebar
  Recruitment Module
  Online Loan Application
  Appointment Booking System
  Estate Agent Module
  Auto Dealer Module
  Tractor Dealer Module
  Caravan Dealer Module
  Bike Dealer Module
  Boat Dealer Module
  Accommodation Booking and Enquiry System
  Business Listings Module
  3 level Business Listing Groups
  Rental Agent Module
  3) Select the Value Added services that you need training in:
  Mobile Shortcode
  Graphic Design
  Script Writing
  Google Adwords
  Online Chat
  Website Headers
  Facebook Sitelet
  Quick Response Code
  Website Revamps
  Beloyal Marketing
  4) Select the Look & Feel options that you need training in:
  Change Template
  Publish Changes
  Save or Load Design
  Replace a Template Image
  Load a new image for current template
  Import a Font from Google
  Customise Dropdown Menus
  Manage Top Links
  Load Default Design
  CSS Tags
  Mobile Website Colours
  Mobile Website Logo
  Animated Banner
  Mobile Look
  Facebook Look
  5) Select the Communicate with Customer sections that you need training in:
  Newsletter Logo
  Manage Customer List
  Send Bulk Text Message
  Send Individual Text Message
  Upload List to Send Text Message
  Send Bulk Email
  Birthday Text Settings
  Text Message Report
  Text Message Replies
  Email Report
  6) Select the Admin & Reports sections that you need training in:
  Business Information
  General Settings
  Domain & Email Management
  Website Hits Report
  Search Terms Used And Country Hits
  Management Login Stats
  Use Google Analytics
  Verify Website for Google
  Legal Matters and Welcome Email
  Sign Electronic Debit Order
  7) Select the Secondary Menu options that you need training in:
  Problems to publish
  Show Website
  Online Help
  Email Help
  Live Help
  Free Training Videos
  To Do List
  Design Tips
  Is there any other training that you require that was not covered in the questions above? If so, please specify: